Moving to Liverpool (16 items)

Last updated: almost 13 years ago

To Do (16 left)

  • Get passport photos.
  • Renew passport
  • Get Printer Ink
  • Confirm 1600 Pounds in Bank
  • Confirm 314 USD for visa application
  • Apply for visa with WorldBridge online
  • Make online appointment for biometric picture and scan
  • Photocopies of completed visa form / current passport /one passport sized colour photograph/Previous Passport
  • Double check have all requred documents before appointment
  • Attend appointment for biometric picture and scan.
  • Courier completed application to New York.
  • Wait for decision
  • Buy airfare at Canadian affair to Manchester
  • apply for Nin Card and bank account
  • Find place to live and work
  • Have a drink in a pub :-)