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  • Cover Slips Cover glass #1 18mm x 18mm. Livingstone CS18X18C Box/100
  • Microscope Slides FROSTED one end/one side 1.0-1.2mm thick, interleaved RED box. Livingstone 7105-PPA Box/50x2
  • Microscope Slides PLAIN 26x76mm and 1-1.2mm thick, interleaved in BLUE box. Livingstone 7101-BP Box/50
  • Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Analytical Grade. Ajax FineChem 475-500G Bottle/500g
  • 1XSodium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate Ajax FineChem 471-500G. Bottle/500g-V323
  • 3XMarker - Sharpie Permanent marker EXTRA FINE 0.4mm BLACK. OfficeMax 1328034 Marker/1-V323
  • 2XForceps 13cm blunt/pointed stainless steel. Met-App 2101- 130 Each/1-323
  • 3x Paper Towel Scott. Blackwoods 00744940 Roll/1
  • 2x Tissues - Facial Kleenex. Blackwoods 0445 8904 Box/100
  • 1x Needles Precision Glide 25G (0.5mm x 16mm). Beckton Dickinson 301805 Box/100
  • 3x Glove - Nitrile Micro-Touch NitraTex EP LARGE(280mm cuff length) (ANSELL) Rated
  • 2X Hand Wash Palmolive antibacterial.