Fristys' Hackintosh Pro (cheaper version) (15 items)

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  • CASE: CX-2G67 /400W 12CM FAN - ~37,7$
  • = I chose the most random and cheap case I could find, it looks nice, has a PSU that will work for me built-in. What more ? =
  • MOBO: INTEL Main Board Desktop Z68 (S1155,DDR3,SATA II/III,LAN,USB 2.0/3.0,Firewire) ATX Bulk - 130$
  • = pretty good mobo, has all I need, even room for an upgrade. The only problem is the limited choice of memory, but whatever. Hell, it even has a firewire port. Audio should work with a patch from Multibeast =
  • CPU: INTEL CPU Desktop Core i5-2500 (3.30GHz,6MB,95W,S1155) box - 250$
  • = CPU choice was tough, and I mean TOUGH. Eventually, I stopped on this first gen (Sandy Bridge) i5 quad core, so I can do any kind of editing - easy & fast. Decided that I shouldn't go Ivy Bridge, due to lack of OSX support. i5-2500 should work OOB =
  • GPU: SAPPHIRE Video Card Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 1GB/128bit, 800MHz/1600MHz, PCI-E 2.1 x16, HDMI, DVI, VGA Cooler, Bulk - 74,4$
  • = I don't really mind the Intel 3000 graphics, they are good for what it's worth. But since I'm going to use graphic-rich software on a daily basis, I'd require something much...stronger. The HD6670 seems nice + it works OOB. (which makes me really, reall
  • RAM: Memory Device SILICON POWER DDR3 SDRAM Non-ECC (4GB,1333MHz(PC3-10600),Unbuffered) CL9, Retail x2 - 50$
  • = Did some extensive research on unbuffered vs buffered memory. The former is fast, cheap and had all the reasons in the World for me to chose it. And the latter, well, it was...unavailable. =
  • HDD: HDD Desktop WESTERN DIGITAL Caviar Green (3.5", 1TB, 64MB, SATA III-600) - 97$
  • = Wanted to throw in an SSD, but the prices are twice the price of this 1TB HDD. My work takes a lot of space, and I'm somewhat of a WD "user" (most of my drives happen to be theirs) =
  • TOTAL 639,1$
  • 639.10 USD = 982.396 BGN
  • Roughly 418 BGN saved, still a power build