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Last updated: about 12 years ago

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  • more water than you could ever imagine consuming in 4 days.
  • shoes - some for water, some for comfort, some you can put on fast and/or some you don't care if you lose.
  • head lamp and/or small flashlight on a necklace - you'll thank me when you aren't tripping over every unseen tent line in the sea of tents.
  • baby wipes - a.k.a. mini showers
  • sunscreen
  • aloe vera - regardless of the above listed, you might need this. PLUS, even if you aren't burnt this will cool you off instantly.
  • towels
  • umbrella - for shade OR if it rains!
  • festi blanket - you aren't going to want to sleep in a hot ass tent. you will be glad you have an old blanket to throw down and catch some z's on. Or use as home base!