How-To project, Part 1: Basic Skating Spins (19 items)

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  • Find skates. You may rent skates, but rental skates are generally worn out, dull and are easier to injure yourself on.
  • Skates must always be tight, you should not be able to wiggle your toes very much. Allow your heel a little bit of room, but not enough for it to slide.
  • Once on the ice, make sure you have the hang of it. Falling happens with everyone, so don't feel embarrassed and don't be afraid.
  • Always observe your surroundings before you skate so you don't end up in a collision with another person. That's how I broke my shoulder.
  • If you have your balance, you can try a two foot spin.
  • For a two-foot spin, start skating forward.
  • Keep your arms parallel to the ice for balance.
  • Direct your left arm in front of you and steer yourself on a left edge.
  • Pull your arms into your chest, crossed, and spin around.
  • If you don't start spinning, look at the marks that your blades make. It should look like a semi circle ending in a spiral-shape.
  • If your marks make spirals that are spread out and travel rather than staying in one spot, you can be thrown off balance. This is called 'traveling'.
  • To stop from traveling, make sure you center your balance with your shoulders, and pull in tight with your stomach.
  • To go faster, pull your arms in faster while skating at a higher speed.
  • If you feel like you're comfortable with the two-foot spin, you can advance to a one-foot spin.
  • To get into the spin, repeat all of the steps listed for a two-foot spin.
  • To spin with one foot, you need more speed for it to look good.
  • Once your on your edge and creating a semi circle with your blade, lift your right leg. Where you put it doesn't matter, but people generally like to fold their leg by the knee.
  • Cross your arms, and center your balance. You should be spinning.
  • If you hear a scratching sound, you aren't centered. You are on the pointed tip of the figure skate, called the toe-pick.