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  • I was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. My parents learned this three days after I was born. My parents had to learn to accept it and find out what to do. The were told the worst and had to rely on faith.
  • Found out what type of OI I had and did research. Only 20,000- 40,000 people have it. Start to question why but try to keep a positive outlook.
  • Had my first surgery at 18 months old. My parents had to have faith that the surgery would be fine.
  • Started kindergarten. Had to get a assistant. Had my first break at school. Realize that it can be hard to make friends.
  • Joined a new church and gained a church family. The support system grew. Helped to gain reassurance.
  • Gain a sibling. Wish and hope that it is a little sister. Find out that you have a brother and gain acceptance that he is here to stay. Learn to accept him annoying you.
  • Started 5th grade. Realized that some people could be mean.
  • Started middle school. Thought I had made friends but realize that they were just sitting with me to make themselves feel better.
  • Try to ignore the rude comments people say. Say to yourself "Why did God make me this way?" God made you for a reason and he has a plan so try and keep your spirits up.
  • Try praying about it and dreading to go to school everyday. Rely on God for help to make it through every situation.
  • Talked to my parents. Talk to my grandparents. Made me feel better about my situation. Rely on family for support.
  • Start high school. Dread going to school because I thought it would like middle school. Realize that the people are nicer. I made friends and learned to accept myself more.
  • Accepting myself more and realize that my friends haven't asked what disorder I have. They tell me they don't care if i am different and they love me anyways. Realize that I have found true friends.
  • Realize that it doesn't matter what people think of you. They don't know what you go through. They don't live your life. Learn to accept who I am and make a goal to keep a positive attitude. Make another goal to live life to the fullest and not dwell on d