How To Be A Ballerina Princess (26 items)

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  • Understand why you want to be a Ballerina Princess
  • Go to a ballet and watch and see if you're inspired, if so, youre on the right track
  • Read about royal families and research different princesses around the world
  • see how the princesses contribute to society and get inspiration
  • set a dream or goal to become a ballerina princess whatever it may be.
  • go to a ballet store and get a leotard, pair of ballet slippers, pink and black tights, and a pair of point shoes, a bun cover, and some bobby pins.
  • Sign up for a ballet class at a dance studio and start taking classes weekly, even multiple times a week.
  • volunteer around the community and see what you can give back to your subjects
  • in your room, set up a goals and ambitions monument so you can track your progress and give inspiration when feeling down
  • watch ballet documentaries and tv shows and keep going to live ballets to learn technique and keep the happinesss of dance alive within
  • make sure to take extra care of your ballet equipment and take pride in your classes and build up strength
  • for flexibility, make sure to stretch every day, eat right, and lift weights or run so you can build arm and leg muscle.
  • don't listen to what anyone says: if you want to be a ballet princess, you have every right to be, and no one can take that away from you
  • throw a princess party for you and your friends and go shopping for dresses and tiaras so you feel even more like royalty.
  • when youre feeling royal, find an island somewhere in the ocean, preferrably unclaimed, and give it your own secret name and make it your country. Maybe even make a crest for it and write an anthem.
  • if you have signed up at the right ballet studio, at the end of the year there should be a recital and you should prepare dilligently and practive the coreography every day.
  • volunteer for even more causes and study; no one needs a nonintelligent princess.
  • Learn about art history, music history, politics, philosophy, metaphysics, communication, and literature
  • For the ballet history, learn about the origins of dance, different dance cultures around the world, and become unpredjudice against the different cultures that you will be looking after during your princess regime.
  • write a daily journal so you can understand your process and keep track of your crowded princess thoughts and duties.
  • Help the King and Queen out in your own home and keep the kingdom tidy; a princess should never have a dirty chamber or bathroom, and should never wear dirty laundry.
  • Read books on etiquete and master the arts of eating, introductions, and being out in public gracefully.
  • realize that the princess inside of you can be a kind and loving person who has a big enough heart for the rest of world and all the people in it. that the world isa big place but that with enough care and generosity, you can make the world a better place
  • Travel to countries where monarchical government's still exist and understand enjoy the prosperity of the people within them and hope that your reigme could be just as benevolent.
  • Perform and love ballet, and understand that being a ballerina princess is about being confident in yourself and making a mark,
  • Understand that as an authority figure, while you must be gentle. you must also be fair, just, but above all, practical and effeicient. Know that ruling a country is hard work and sometimes very tough.