How-To Project, Part 2: Spinning (17 items)

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  • If you are comfortable with the basic spins, you can move on to a new entry way.
  • For the more advanced spins, you have to enter backwards with crossovers.
  • Learning to do this isn't easy and will take a lot of practice.
  • To do backwards crossovers, you have to begin by skating backwards.
  • For safety, always look behind you at other skaters.
  • Keep your arms parallel to the ice for balance.
  • For spinning, you do clockwise crossovers. To do this, you have to bring your right foot over your left.
  • You then push your left blade into the ice, bring it next to the right skate and repeat the crossover. This will create more speed.
  • You repeatedly crossover like this until you are comfortable with your speed.
  • Next, halfway through a crossover, keep your left leg off the ice, behind your right leg and curve on an edge in the shape of a half circle.
  • Once you're completely on the edge, put your left skate down in the opposite direction of your right.
  • Have your right arm in front of your left to match the edge you are on.
  • Push off with your left foot, and keep it on the ice.
  • On your left outside edge, pull your self into small circles. Stay off the toe-pick.
  • Like in the basic spins, you must balance yourself in the center.
  • Your right leg should be off the ice in an approximate 45 degree angle with your left leg.
  • From here, you are able to do almost in kind of spin, if you have the training.