How to play the viola (15 items)

Last updated: almost 12 years ago

To Do (15 left)

  • Buy a viola that fits your size
  • Familarize yourself with the parts of the instrument
  • Place a shoulder rest on the bottom part of the viola
  • Put rosin on your bow by rubbing the bow up and down on all the hair of the bow.
  • Tighten your bow but using the bottom tip and turning until the hair is tight.
  • Tune viola by using playing the strings and using a tuner. The arrow should be right in the middle if it's correct.
  • If the key is sharp or flat, use the fine tuners at the bottom on the tailpiece to perfect the sound.
  • Put tape on the first, second and third position so your not off key when you play.
  • From left to right the strings are C,G,D and A
  • The notes go in order starting with A then B,C,D,E,F,and G is the last. These can be sharp or flat.
  • Put the thumb of your left hand where first postion is and your fingers should curve of the neck so you can touch the strings.
  • To play the open notes(c,g,d,a) simply take your bow and move it up and down on the string.
  • To play a song a song on the viola you just need to a beginner strings book and it will show you which notes to play.
  • To find a certain note first locate the string then pick first, second or third postition. For example, if I want to play a B then I go on the G string and then go to second position. This because it goes open G,A,B and so on.
  • Now your ready to use the book and play a tune!