How to shuffle a deck of cards (12 items)

Last updated: about 12 years ago

To Do (12 left)

  • Get a full deck of cards
  • With each hand split the deck of cards in half
  • Straighten up the cards so none are sticking out
  • Place your thumbs on the short sides along the side of the deck of the mini decks facing each other
  • Place the knuckle of your index finger on the top of each mini deck
  • Place your middle and ring fingers to hold the short side on the back of each mini deck
  • Bend the decks back by pulling upwards with your thumbs and pushing down with your index finger
  • Place the decks close together and slowly let your thumb release the cards so that they layer on top of each other from each mini deck
  • With your middle and ring fingers holding the outer edges of the deck and the bottom place your thumbs on the middle top of the deck where the cards overlap
  • Then while keeping your thumbs in place push the sides towards each other so the deck arcs and then slowly let the deck push out so the cards begin falling down into each other
  • Once you have finished the bridge (the last step) straighten up the cards into a normal deck
  • Repeat this process until you feel the deck has been fully shuffled