Motorboating (18 items)

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To Do (18 left)

  • 1. Arrive at the site in which you store your boat. If an individual has it, take off the canaby and let rain water run off side.
  • 2. Load all gear into boat, and place insecure belongings in a secure place. This may include a cabin or a labeled storage facility. Secure all items to prevent safety concerns.
  • 3. Once all gear is on board, back a vehicle capable of towing your boat, and place it under the hitch.
  • 4. Lower the trailer using the handle found near the front, and place it on top of the hitch. Note you must have a compatible hitch with the trailer in order to successfully do this.
  • 5. Place chains on the holes next to the trailer hitch on your vehicle. This is a crucial step, as it is a safety concern if it is skipped.
  • 6. Place straps on back of boat for security. Slowly pull trailer forward, and take to launch facility.
  • 7. Once at site, secure "plug" (located under motor). This is a crucial step. Remove straps mentioned in last step.
  • 8. Slowly back trailer down ramp, and place it in water. It is recommended that the driver should guide to the tires on the trailer: stop when tires on the trailer are completely submerged.
  • 9. Once boat is in the water, remove strap on bow. Place ropes on bow and stern for dockage.
  • 10. Start motor, and if you have an inboard-outboard motor, turn on "blower". Let run for a few minutes.
  • 11. Slowly back up boat off trailer, and constantly look forwards and backwards for security. Make you way to the dock.
  • 12. Once at dock, have an individual help you secure your boat to the "cleats". To dock, approach dock at a 20-30 degree angle, and eventually as you get closer, maneuver your boat so it is parallel with the dock.
  • 13. When returning to trailer (from dock), approach trailer, attempting to be as straight as possible.
  • 14. Ask an individual to be in front of the trailer, and gradually maneuver the boat onto the trailer. Keep the steering wheel straight during this process. When completed, the clip in which you attach the security strap on the bow should be touching the
  • 15. Have the same individual from step 14 secure the boat with the security strap. When this is completed, slowly pull the trailer up the ramp, but stop at about a quarter of the length.
  • 16. When stopped on the ramp, remove the plug from the stern, and let water drain. Insert safety straps on stern. Continue to pull trailer until land flattens. Lower motor and drain out water from propeller.
  • 17. Do the opposite of steps 1-4 (arrive at site, put cover on, take chains off, raise trailer off hitch, take straps off stern (optional))
  • 18. Congradulations! You have successfully opperated a motorboat!!