How to be a Successful Internet Troll (19 items)

Last updated: almost 12 years ago

To Do (19 left)

  • First understand what trolling is ( Trolling: Intentionally disrupting what others are doing and trying to get them to react in a funny way.)
  • Prepare yourself for the ensuing hatred of your actions.
  • Choose where you will be trolling ( Ex: Call of Duty, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)
  • Create an account just for trolling ( So you can go back there later on your normal account without being hated.)
  • Do some research to find out what annoys people the most wherever you decide to troll.
  • If you are trolling on a forum or in the comments on a website, start trolling by provoking people with offensive or annoying posts such as controversial topics or cat pictures.
  • If you are trolling in a video game, some of the best things to do are using tactics that harm your team, or playing annoying music like Never Gonna Give You Up through your microphone.
  • There are other ways to troll such as Rick Rolling on Youtube ( Advertising the video as one thing and actually making it an annoying song.), and offering fake help like the Photoshop Troll, but you will have to experiment to find the way you enjoy trolli
  • Either find a specific person to repeatedly troll or go around and troll multiple people.
  • If you choose to just troll one person, don't constantly bombard them with your trolls, but occasionally back off and make them think you have stopped, then come back later.
  • If you choose to troll multiple people, have a "signiature troll" or something else that will make you widely recognizeable so others recognize you as a troll.
  • As you get noticed and recognized, you can either continue what you are doing and try to get fans ( some examples would be Straightupknives, Photoshop Troll, and many others.) or, you could try to stay anonymous by abandoning that account and starting a n
  • If you decide to start a new account, go back to step five.
  • Once you are infamous in one specific area of the internet, take your same username to a different place and troll people there.
  • Some people will probably recognize you, but that won't prevent you from trolling the others.
  • Depending on how famous your trolls are, some fans may offer to help you or ask to join you, which can make it easy for you to get more trolling done.
  • Accepting your fans help will make them like you even more, and others will continue to join you because of that. If people start to get angry at your trolls, your fans will even come to defend you!
  • Once you develop a trolling army, you can slowly take over the entire internet by annoying others in hilarious ways and making your enemies rage.
  • When the entire internet is under your control, you can sit back, relax, ad let your trolling minions do all of the work for you.