How to Make a Pop-Up Birthday Card (18 items)

Last updated: about 12 years ago

To Do (18 left)

  • Choose a hard card paper.
  • Fold the card paper in half to make a horizontal/ vertical card.
  • Draw two short, parallel lines. The lines can be about half an inch long.
  • Take a pair of scissors.
  • Use the scissors to cut the lines.
  • Open up the card.
  • Pull the flap forward by using your finger.
  • Close the card while pulling the flap forward.
  • Choose a pop-up image (it can be anything; consider the gender and age of the person receiving the card.)
  • Cut out your pop-up image.
  • Glue your image to the flap.
  • Decorate the inside of your card (you can use words, pictures, stickers, etc.)
  • Close the card.
  • Take another piece of paper, same size as the pop-up card.
  • Fold the paper in half.
  • Glue the paper over the pop-up card to cover the outside of the card.
  • Decorate outside of your card; you can use markers, stamps,etc., ribbons,
  • Put your card in an envelope.