How to tie a bowtie (11 items)

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  • First, make sure the bowtie is the correct length for your neck size.
  • Hang it from the back of your neck with both ends hanging in the front.
  • Slide the bowtie so one side is hanging lower than the other.
  • Take the longer side and cross it over the top of the shorter side. They should now be in an X shape.
  • Wrap the long side around the short side once, coming up through the X under your chin. Make sure that you keep this as tight as possible without the bowtie getting very wrinkled or twisted.
  • Now, with one hand, grasp what started as the short side. Hold it up to your neck, facing forward, perpendicular to your neck, with the indent in the tie directly below your chin.
  • Take what started as the longer side that should still be hanging down, and pull it up behind the still held-in-place bowtie, and then bring down in front of the indent.
  • Now grab the short side and pretend it's a small mouth, and make it eat the long side that went down over it. (Fold it forward with thelong side inside it.)
  • Grab the mouth by the lips and pull it forward, away from your body. The long side should be still hanging down out of the side of the mouth.
  • Now take the long side and go in between the back of the mouth and the front of the knot around your neck.
  • After slipping that through, you are done. It should resemble the bow you use to tie your shoes. It will probably need some small adjustments to it to make it look like you've seen before.