How to Draw a Cartoon Face (16 items)

Last updated: about 12 years ago

To Do (16 left)

  • Step 1: Get the items needed for this task (paper, pencil, eraser, and black marker)
  • Step 2: Draw a circle, however big you want it, with your pencil, make sure to keep it light, because it will most likely be erased later.
  • Step 3: Bisect the circle horizontally and vertically so the circle has quadrants , keep it light
  • Step 4: Draw 2 circular ovals above the horizontal line, but let them touch the line as well, but make sure that the circles touch the vertical line at at least one point also
  • Step 5: Draw smaller circles inside the old circles, you can place them anywhere in the eye.
  • Step 6: Then draw a very small circle inside the iris, preferably draw it in the top right side of the iris, shade in everything in the medium sized circle, except for the small circle you just drew.
  • Step 7: Draw a tuft of hair on the top part of the head, just draw lines in every direction, but keep them a medium- small size, if you want you can change the hair to your liking
  • Step 8: On the vertical line, draw a small circle near the bottom, for the mouth and shade it in
  • Step 9: On the horizontal line, draw an oval on both sides of the face for the ears, preferably make them smallish
  • Step 10: Above the eyes, draw curved lines that are as long as the diameter of the eye, for the eye brows, to display expression
  • Step 11: Where the 2 guide lines intersect draw a small semi- circle that points upward for the nose
  • Step 12: Under the eyes, draw a line or 2 that go out toward the ears, make them small and medium- thick, they should look like cheek bones, they should touch the eyes or at least be near them
  • Step 13: If you feel it necessary then add finishing details that may help enhance your drawing, such as shading or adding action lines
  • Step 14: Darken the lines you want to keep by using the black marker to draw over them
  • Step 15: Erase the pencil lines that were not necessary, like the guide lines on the face
  • Step 16: After you have finished this drawing, draw a few more pictures using these steps and observe the differences and record them, keep on drawing more faces like this one to get more familiar with these steps, after you have finished share this drawi