How to Shoot a Basketball (9 items)

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  • you need a basketball and a goal set at 10 feet
  • you must take the ball and put it in your dominant hand (hand you write with) in a way that you can fit your other hand underneath it and it is on your fingertips
  • then align your arm with the ball so that it faces the goal and the ball is near your forehead and the arm is parallel to the goal
  • you use the other hand without the ball as a guide and put it on the side of the ball so that one hand it directly underneath and the other is perpendicular to that hand on the side
  • you must look at the back of the rim on the opposite side that is farthest from you so you can aim for that and it will help you make it
  • you then need to bend you legs a slight bit and then you try to put the ball through the net by jumping and shooting (this is NOT throwing) you must shoot the ball at an arch, not pushing it or throwing in at a straight line projectile
  • shooting is more legs than arms, if you use more legs, then take off the amount of force you put in your arms
  • remember to start close to your forehead and end with your arms above your head as you follow through and hold that stance for a second
  • but to be a better player, you should follow your shot so if you happen to miss you can put it back up for a lay-up and make 2 points