How to paint polkadots on your nails.  (26 items)

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  • Before you get started know that this will take up so much time. Maybe even up to 1.5hrs. this is a good way to kill time.
  • First have nicely cut nails.
  • Wash your hands before.
  • Have any color nail polishes of your choice and clear coat nail polish.
  • Have some Q-tips, tissues, and nail polish removers just in case.
  • Have like a marker, maybe like a dried up sharpie you never use now.
  • First paint your nails with base, background color you want.
  • Be patient and wait until they are dry. NEVER poke them or touch them hoping that its dry. You will smear them.
  • This process will take about 15 minutes. You may jump around, and dance with your hands spread out. This is a nice a work out. WINNING.
  • Okay, now that you are all exhausted and your nails are dry, time to polkadot things up!
  • It doesn't matter which hand you start with.
  • First make sure your dried up marker is actually DRIED UP. Wipe the tip of the marker with tissues to make sure.
  • Open your nail polish, dap your marker tip on your nail polish brush.
  • Make sure you are not putting too much because it will drip and a big mess.
  • Hold the marker up about 60 degrees, and POKE.
  • Do this process SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. This is like trying to pat a little cute baby without waking her/him up because that will be chaotic. If you mess up, you are going to have to go back to painting the basic background color.
  • You might have to poke, or dap same polkadot twice or more just so the color is definate.
  • This will take so much patience. Make sure you don't flip out or anything. Listening to happy bubbly songs will help calming yourself down from frustration.
  • Do about from 4 to 6 polkadots per finger. Obviously you don't want messy 6 polkadots on your tiny pinky. This will require common sense.
  • If you get too tried, you make take some break, and for me because doing all 10 nails is too frustrating, I just left out my ring fingers and follow that "ring fingers standing out" trend.
  • Once you finish your one hand. be patient and wait about 10 to 15 mins for the polkadots to dry. The time really depends on how thick you made your polkadots.
  • You may jump up and down and dance again, but if too tiring, its understandable.
  • Move on to the next hand. Follow the same step.
  • So now you have prettyful polkadot nails! Just to give them that shiny feature. Coat your nails with clear nail polishes. You will realize how easy this is.
  • Wait about 15 mins for them to dry up again. At this point, you will be too tired from concentrating and jumping up and down.
  • TADAH! Polkadot nails!