How to become the ultimate master of procrastination in 21 steps.  (27 items)

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  • This may result some all nighters and parents' naggings.
  • 1.Never write down your homework if your teachers give you unit plans.
  • 2. This will become your new life motto, "What's homework?" This isn't very good if you are in a class in which homework counts as part of your grade.
  • If that's case, your new life motto will be, "You always have enough time for one more youtube video."
  • 3. ALWAYS pay attention in class. You already know you are not gonna spend extra time at home to study anything.
  • When school is over, this is where all the fun starts.
  • 4.When you get home, eat.
  • 5. Take a 2hrs nap.
  • 6. Wake up from a sweet dream its 6. eat.
  • 7. While eating, think "Maybe I should get started on my homework now?"
  • 8. "NAAH" Stop kidding yourself.
  • Now that your tummy is happy, time for social life.
  • 9. Turn on your laptop, always have 3 tabs on your screen. Twitter, Facebook,Youtube.
  • 10. Go back and forth between twitter and facebook while you wait for your youtube to buffer. This takes much multitasking.
  • 11.Spend about 3 hrs on youtube, you know you can never resist that suggestion box on the side.
  • 12.Now its around 10, your parents start to tell you to study. If you have more strict parents like mine, this step would have started about 2hrs earlier.
  • 13.Go to your room so at least they think you are doing work.
  • 14.Get your homework out.
  • 15.Get distracted by things around you. If you have a smartphone, this will be the main source of distraction.
  • 16.spend about an hours playing with your phone.
  • 17.Your mom walks into your room, she is now yelling at you and calling you a lazybutt who won't be able to do anything but work at a gas station.
  • 18.Try doing some homework. Its around 12. You want to sleep.
  • 19.Get 1/4 of things done. If homework doesn't count, persuade yourself that you are wasting time on something that wouldn't affect your grade.
  • If homework does, just scribble things so it LOOKS like you did the work. Make sure it looks like you did work. You can't just doodle all over them.
  • If there's a big test coming up, study for it for 3 hrs hardcore the day before.
  • If there's a project due, do it for 3 hrs hardcore the day before.
  • 21.Go to sleep.