books, texts -that i came across, influence/shaped my thoughts; more views, opened up in some way. a Record so can remember & where to find them (11 items)

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  • Positive Energy (Judith Orloff) [borrowed from Dad's friend]
  • 7.3.12 Dreamer of Dreams : The Rise and Fall of 19th Century Idealism - Holbrook Jackson [Clifford Whitworth]
  • 12.3.12 Knowledge of the higher worlds - Rudolf Steiner [Clifford Whitworth Library, Salford;]
  • 26.05.12 Satre
  • 27.05.12 Being Peace - Thich Nhat Hanh [Allerton library, Salford]
  • 3.6.2012 The Soul of an Indian and other writings from Ohiyesa (Charles Alexander Eastman) [Allerton Library; Classic Wisdom Collection :New World Library]
  • 06.06.12 concise guide to Customs of Minority Ethnic Religions (David Collins) [Allerton library]
  • 01.10.12 You can heal your life (Louise L Hays) [Chorlton library]
  • 28.10.12 The Faithful Thinker: Centenary Essays on the Work and Thought of Rudolf Steiner, 1861-1925 [Clifford Whitworth]
  • ~ not read yet~ An Invitation to Environmental Philosophy [Paperback] Anthony Weston [salford]
  • 06.06.13 The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet (Benjamin Hoff)