Forensic cases in India (7 items)

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  • Delhi: Jessica Lal, Priyadarshini Mattoo, and Nitish Katara murders. Many discrepancies in forensic reports, but the accused were eventually found guilty.
  • Mumbai: Neeraj Grover/Maria Susairaj case
  • UP: Colonelganj and Puramufti murder cases; Darbhanga triple murders. Civil Lines & Georgetown burglaries. Most sensational- The Nithari killings
  • Bangalore: Richard Loitam case (ongoing)
  • 'Botched'/unsolved investigations: The Aarushi Talwar and Adnan Patrawala murder cases. Also the 'Beer Man' killings in Mumbai (ongoing)
  • Forensic accounting: The Satyam scam. References:,, and
  • Forensics in cyber crime/e-fraud: The SpeakAsia case. References: and