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  • REMINDER: This is mostly for practices throughout the year. Yes, new items (shoes, tights, uniforms, etc) will still be given BUT you will not be allowed to wear performance gear during practice (unless told otherwise) These are basic items you will need
  • ---------------------------
  • Positive Attitudes: Be ready to learn, improve, and overall WERK !
  • Any Necessary Medication : (Inhalers, Pain Reliever, Allergy, Prescription) If you have any medical issues, tell Coach Moore ahead of time .
  • Completed NDA Camp Release Form : (if haven't done so already)
  • A Bag to Put Necessities In (Optional)
  • Water/ Water Bottle
  • Small (healthy) snacks
  • Umbrella / Jacket (Optional): The weather has been a tad bit moist lately .
  • Hair Ties / Bands / Bobby Pins : To keep hair out of the face area while dancing/sweating .
  • Hygenic/Feminine Products : Deodorant, Pads, Tampons, Wipes, Small First Aid kits (Optional), etc. You know what you need personally to maintain freshness :)
  • Sport Bras
  • Tank top/Shirts (Optional) : For Practice/Workouts .
  • Skintone Tights: Bring one-to-as much as you have, you'll use these for practice. You'll never know when you will need a backup pair !
  • Black Dance Shorts : (Spandex/BoyShorts) Bring one-to-as much as you have; you'll need them throughout the year !
  • Black Jazz Pants : Bring one-to-as much as you have .
  • Other Practice Shorts/Pants would be nice as well (Optional) but make sure you try to have at least one black shorts/jazz pants
  • High Top Sneakers
  • Foot Undies/Paws (Optional) : Let's try to cease depending on socks. Very dangerous.
  • Jazz shoes