Work: A Personal Call to Action (12 items)

Last updated: almost 12 years ago

To Do (12 left)

  • Work to achieve a specific professional or educational goal (write it down!) over the next six months.
  • Research accommodations that could be helpful to me in my workplace or educational setting.
  • Work with a career or certified vocational counselor to discuss my employment or retraining options.
  • As part of ongoing learning, research course offerings at my local community college or other institution of higher learning.
  • Identify new ways to stay connected through professional networks.
  • Visit and join the conversation.
  • Join a National MS Society self-help group or other peer-to-peer networking group.
  • Get involved - and learn new skills! Volunteer with the National MS Society or other organizations that are important to me. I will ask others in my support community to join in.
  • Become more familiar with my legal protections and rights in the workplace or educational setting.
  • Visit to learn about employment resources available to me.
  • Call 1-800-344-4867 to learn more about National MS Society career and educational resources available to me.
  • If I'm considering a career change or re/new education, complete an interest inventory survey or vocational assessment. Call 1-800-344-4867 for more information.