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  • Q - Where is the best place to get Euros for Cardiff?
  • A - Cardiff, although in Wales, and not England, still uses the pound.
  • Q - Do I need to get a fresher wristband?
  • A - No. You can do, but they are not essential. It is very rare that you will want to go to all of the events a specific wristband offers, as many of them are in the same clubs. You will most likely want to do 2/3 nights that each of the wristband
  • a few independent nights too. Only buy a wristband if you are 100% sure that you want to go to every single event that the wristband offers, other wise you will be wasting your precious money! Definitely don't buy a wristband before you meet your
  • flatmates...it can be very awkward if you have different wristbands and you have to spend your freshers week separately, or if one person has to be another wristband to follow everyone else!
  • Q - I'm going to Cardiff Met, am I allowed to go to the events that are being advertised on Cardiff University groups on Facebook?
  • A - Almost certainly. Unless it specifically says that the event is for one university only, then it is highly liikely that the night is open to all students, whether they be Cardiff University, Glamorgan or Cardiff Met.
  • Q - I'm coming to Cardiff the week after Freshers' has finished, what events are on in October?
  • A - ARE YOU MAD!? Unless you have a good reason not to be here from September onwards, then for the love of God, be here for Freshers' week. It will be the best week of your life!