3-Bin Composting System (14 items)

Last updated: almost 12 years ago

To Do (11 left)

  • Deconstruct old compost bin and find/make a smaller replacement collection bin, OR repair/paint beautify old one if that's where & how we'd like to continue collecting
  • Move (layer!) existing compost pile into first bin
  • Attach lids to each bin with hinges
  • Screw front gates to each bin (or, if we get 6 more hinges and 3 clasps/hooks we can make the front gates perpetually accessible too; otherwise we'd just unscrew the fronts each time we need to turn compost from bin to bin)
  • Secure pieces of hardware cloth to/in each front gate
  • Line bin interiors with hardware cloth
  • Paint all exposed parts (interior and exterior) of bins, gates and lids
  • Build 3 lids using pallet wood
  • Build frames to hold pieces of hardware cloth for 3 front gates
  • Construct 3-bin frame using 7 wooden pallets and 3 plastic pallets
  • Get 1-2 pitchforks and 1-2 shovels
  • Get 6 hinges for lids
  • Get 300-500 sq ft of hardware cloth with holes no bigger than 1"
  • Collect 10-15 wooden pallets and 3 plastic pallets