Scavenger Hunt (26 items)

Last updated: over 11 years ago

To Do (26 left)

  • Something with a superhero on it -10
  • A rubber duck -10
  • A baseball bat -10
  • A Blue nerf football -10
  • A Group photo of everyone wearing Aviator Glasses -20
  • To pose for a picture with the mannequins inside XXI -20
  • Curtains with blue polk-a-dots on them -20
  • A necklace with a dog on it -20
  • A Hallmark card that sings -20
  • A stuffed animal bigger than the smallest person in your group -30
  • A stainless steel, two door refridgerator and matching dishwasher -30
  • A shirt Mr. Blanton would wear and try it on while doing your best impersonation of him -30
  • A Blue and Green guitar pick, and you have to pretend to have an air guitar for the picture -30
  • A white lampshade, and for the picture you have to wear it on your head -30
  • Take a picture of someone's back with out them knowing -40
  • Shake hands with a bearded man and do thumbs up -40
  • Something written in a different language -40
  • Pose in the mannequin window -40
  • Walk up the down escalator (any store) -40
  • Use the samples of makeup in the stores to do a heavy 80s makeup on someone from the group (eyeshadow, blush, foundation) -50
  • Get an employee to let you wear their name tag -50
  • Buy an small icecream cone and stuff it into someone's face (can be your own) -50
  • Get a group photo of everyone wearing fedoras while doing the Micheal Jackson pose -50
  • Shake hands with a mall cop! (optional) -50
  • Do cupid shuffle for 1 minute in a commons area -50
  • * Don't forget to get back to the food court at the meeting place before time is called unless none of your items will count! Also, be respectful, don't run, and please try NOT to look like you're on a scavenger hunt:)