Sprint 44 (8 items)

Last updated: over 11 years ago

To Do (7 left)

  • Day1- Send out email to the group about taking owner ship of this release.
  • Day1- Mention important release date (MAT date, cut off, version cut, etc)
  • Day1- Make sure that release epics are created and inform any other teams participating in this release.
  • Day3-Make sure we have enough jiras linked to the release epic.[MAT certified jiras from 2nd week of last sprint]
  • Day3-Send Email notification about MAT date.
  • Day5-Request team members to promote the changes to master or ci without breaking jenkins (GIT/accurev)
  • Day5-Only MAT certified jiras are accepted, please ask developers to remove other stories.
  • Day5-Cut a version by EOD and deploy to FQA1 after notifying RM