Before using social media in my class, have I . . .  (10 items)

Last updated: over 11 years ago

To Do (10 left)

  • Determined how my school community feels about the use of technology in the classroom?
  • Looked at the school and district policy for online use in the class?
  • Made sure that I am aware of how to use the tool I decide to use?
  • Decided how I am going to evaluate students while using this social media tool?
  • Determined how I am going to fit this into the curriculum?
  • Taught my students about what it means to be a responsible digital citizen?
  • Thought about the different learning styles in my classroom and how they will accept or refute the use of social media in the classroom?
  • Created or informed the students about the acceptable use policy?
  • Stressed the importance of privacy on the internet, and gone over cyberbullying?
  • Decided to use a tool that is useful and engaging? Or useless and boring?