Using Social Media Effectively (8 items)

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  • What is allowed in your school concerning Social Media?
  • Do I need to obtain a supervisors approval before creating a Professional Social Media presence?
  • Do I set up a team of educators and representatives who are willing to participate in the teaching of Social Media?
  • What is the main goal of Social Media within the school? Is it benefical for the students to have certain technilogical tools for their learning?
  • Do we need to set up a guidline or have policies in place legally for that particular school? State policies, and current legalities? Make sure your school attorney is involved?
  • Do we need to have a draft set up for public awareness and questions concerning Social Media use in the classroom?
  • How do we introduce Social Media use in the classroom to our community, parents, other teachers, and facilitators?
  • Do we set up a group to engage the community for positive and negative feedback? Can we hold meetings at the school to explain our intent?