Questions to ask yourself before using social media in the classroom (10 items)

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  • What are the policies in the school district regarding social media?
  • What is the culture of my classroom like? Would social media cause a divide between student who "have" and students who "have not"?
  • Would social media benefit the overall learning outcomes or is it like a "gimmick"?
  • What is the feedback from other students and colleagues regarding social media in the classroom?
  • What guidelines will I implement regarding using social media in the classroom?
  • Will the activity help students develop digital citizenship?
  • Can I efficently supervise the activities of the online activity?
  • Is cyberbullying becoming a problem in the school community?
  • Do students know the consequences and severity of cyberbully?
  • Do students know what to do if they are a victim of cyberbullying?