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To Do (15 left)

  • 1" barrel curling iron
  • american eagle gift card
  • Red from Taylor Swift CD
  • Style By Lauren Conrad
  • L.A. candy by Lauren Conrad
  • Beauty by Lauren Conrad
  • starbucks gift Cards
  • zumba core for wii
  • Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad
  • Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad
  • The Fame Game by Lauren Conrad
  • Starstruck by Lauren Conrad
  • tjmaxx or marshall's gift card
  • target gift card
  • one of the following pairs of TOMS in 8.5 preferably the first ones but the other ones are fine too: Movember Women's Classics, Ash Canvas Women's Classics, Grey Herringbone Women's Classics, Black Metallic Herringbone Women's Classics,