How to SEND a file to a TEACHER (10 items)

Last updated: over 11 years ago

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  • Open your FIRST CLASS
  • Sign IN
  • Click "Create New"
  • in the subject line make sure you are typing whatever it is your are sending (DO NOT just leave it blank). E.g., Terry Fox Answers Nov 14
  • in the "to" type out your teacher's name and find them in CHATT (there will be a list that appears when you start typing (e.g., Amanda Marlow)
  • Look on the top toolbar almost directly in the centre and you will find a paper clip icon with "ATTACH"
  • Click on the icon and find your file where you have safely saved it (e.g., on the desktop; in your ELA folder) and double click on it
  • It will attach itself to the email
  • In the "BODY" of the email (e.g., the part that you usually write a message) make sure you are writing again what the assignment was and the date (to be extra organized!)
  • Once all of these have been checked you, go to the top left and hit the "SEND" button