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  • Research Venue: Library
  • Research Venue: Rec Center
  • Research Venue: Outside Andersen next to Church Street
  • Ask for Prize Donations: Papa John's
  • Ask For Prize Donations: Roots Cafe
  • Student Donated Prize #1
  • Student Donated Prize #2
  • Distribute Participation Forms Via Email
  • Coordinate one student-led demo by February 15th
  • Coordinate at least five ART IN YOUR FACE acts by February 15th
  • Appoint Artist to design ART IN YOUR FACE advertisement flier
  • Appoint Artist to design WCU Arts Fest advertisement flier
  • Appoint Artist to design editable pamphlets for ART IN YOUR FACE EVENTS
  • Appoint Artist to design editable pamphlet for WCU Art Fest
  • Appoint Artists to design medium/large signs to be held in town on the day of and day before Art Fest
  • Tell at least ten artists in your discipline about the Arts Festival
  • Tell at least ten people not involved in art about the Arts Fest