1/14/13 - 1/18/13 (22 items)

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To Do (15 left)

  • 1/14/13 wrap, autoclave, and put away dishes
  • 1/14/13 turn in course request form
  • 1/14/13 dilute sequencing primer and send off the midi/miniprep of isoA pDest26 for sequencing
  • 1/14/13 make carb plates to make master plates of the TOPO and vector colonies you pick today
  • 1/14/13 pick 6 colonies per plate and have them grow in 2xYT tonight; 37 plates @37 C shaking, RT @ RT
  • 1/15/13 do in well lysis on them? or does Dr. Taylor want you to send all off for sequencing? in that case, just mini-prep, screen, send off
  • 1/16 or 1/17/13 send off for sequencing (have lots class on tues, may have to spread over 2 days)
  • 1/16/13 when get pDest26 seq back: analyze; if good, you have vector ready to go in cells for iso A!!!
  • 1/17 or 1/18: seq back for TOPO: analyze; if good, midi-prep those and screen on Friday
  • this week: make cDNA after tim aliquots total RNA;
  • run truncation primers against it when nesteds come in (dilute all those primers too)
  • this week maybe too: help tim with qPCR
  • e-mail Dr. Fuss about meeting with her to discuss committee
  • e-mail Dr. Stewart about meeting with her to get to know her
  • 1/15/12 finish making cDNA (last step: RNaseH and freeze!)
  • 1/16/13 nano-drop mini preps from yesterday. Come up with plan to screen pLVX mCherry and GFP
  • 1/16/13 screen mini-preps
  • 1/16/13 set up 3 more sure2 stocks to grow / TOPO if RT ones don't screen well
  • 1/16/13 if TOPO's screen well, send off for sequencing and get ready to subclone into already cut mCherry vector
  • 1/16/13 if vectors screen well, set up 2 flasks for midi prep tonight (w/ carb)
  • 1/16/13 Ask Tim if he has any primers that work on hsm; you only used DNMT ones and they didn't give clear bands
  • ---run test when he gives them to you; PCR o/n