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  • this parts not your fault. the phone thing. she feels like a third wheel basically and like you LOVE your friends and only like her.
  • making plans with her, youre not obligated to see her everyday, but when you say youre going to. make it count. don't leave yourhouse and tell her to hit your friends up to find you. it hurts her more than you know.
  • "he expects me to meet up with him and told me to call someone in order to find him later, i don't even have the kids number"
  • "he's gunna be at jew hopefully i'm not running around his neighborhood to find him today i'm not in the mood" <--- that day she was going through so much pain over family stuff and needed you.
  • (same day as that ^) " trueeee i just hope his friends answer their phones otherwise it's not possible to track him down" -this makes her feel like she isn't wanted. it makes her feel like if you see her, cool if not, whatever.
  • " and he told me he never even gets to see people because of me and he just got really mean and i can't stop crying "
  • i know you don't like verbal confrontation, conversation. but a girlfriend needs to hear your heart. not just see that you love her in affection.
  • there was a fight, i didn't get details, but you avoided the topic and pretended nothing happened