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  • Produce a business plan to look at 3 things in Fleet: increase food sales, increase sport trade, maximise entertainment
  • Ensure 1 or 2 team members on every day to do lunch time promo
  • Get some more food awareness flyers - ask Alan
  • Order some weekly ROTW posters
  • Ensure all outstanding issues are rectified in the pub - ladies toilet seat, any lightbulbs, toilet locks
  • Get more ashtrays for the garden
  • Liaise with Nicole for what she can offer businesses, societies etc for bookings in The Fleet
  • Trail bacon sarnies at Purple Wednesday
  • Ask Jamie & Laura to write a report on their events and what they would do differently.
  • Ask Nicole to contact Coral
  • Meet with Caz to brainstorm for fleet
  • Put together a proposal for happy hour
  • Plan picnic in the pub
  • Smash out an awesome presentation for the dragons den!
  • St pats
  • buy flags sports
  • incentive stuff