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To Do (17 left)

  • Liaise with Swinger to launch the new 'breakfast' food challenge - need to promote the end of burger challenge and push the launch of new challenge. Liaise with Nicole for this on FB etc
  • Look at products on bar - we need to reduce shots and flavours of ciders. Need to maximise our top GP items
  • Plan for monthly music theme
  • Order fridge light bulbs for all fridges
  • Sort out hanging baskets - if no room for some need them to be picked up and contract amended
  • Produce a fridge plan and a bar plan for glasses
  • Get Danny and Chris to deliver wine and coffee training to staff who were missing from training
  • Wine tasting event - liaise with Nicole to invite local businesses, plan and run
  • Arrange for the yard to be cleared out - can we phone council to pick up old freezer? Get rid of gas cannisters we don't use etc
  • Organise and run staff training day
  • Get some new staff files
  • Complete HR audit see what new starters need
  • Train rich and laura to do a rota each
  • Hire promo staff- figure out how!
  • Hire 2x fleet staff
  • Sort out a base rota for easter months
  • Work out easter hols for staff
  • Do a rota for week off