Back end sending an email (25 items)

Last updated: over 4 years ago

To Do (25 left)

  • Create Web Form in infusion
  • Edit webform and delete First Name *
  • Select action tab and add new action to apply tag, select correct tag to apply
  • Leave web form open and open new tab and log into lead pages
  • Duplicate thank you page and re-name it then save
  • log into go to webinar and register yourself to the webinar and copy and paste the info form the webinar thank you page into the lead pages thank you page
  • Log into and add new page in the lead pages tab and select your thank you page
  • Once published, copy the thank you page url
  • go back to the web form and select the thank you page tab and have it display as web page
  • paste you copied thank you page url into the web forms thank you page
  • Duplicate lead page for your bulk email and rename
  • Edit the page for the correct dates and times of the webinar
  • then go into the opt-in integration, select the web form you created, the scroll to the bottom and select the correct webinar
  • go to admin crazyl0ve
  • create new page under lead pages tab and select the correct lead pages page to display and type id **** (whatever works) into the custom url box and publish
  • Copy link to the page you just created and log into infusion
  • mouse over to referral partners and select referral tracking links and add a referral tracking link
  • Paste the link into the website address box and fill out the other information according to the email you are sending and hit save
  • then select referral partners and log into the partner for that email and copy the infusion link
  • go to one of the available domains according to date and log in (admin crazyl0ve) and create new page
  • name it id ( same as leadpage if possible) and set it up as a redirect page
  • scroll down and paste the in fusion link into the redirection box
  • publish page
  • confirm the page works
  • copy the page link and use that link for the email