Cats Outside Clans (8 items)

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  • Paradise - light tortoiseshell she-cat with large, pale, leaf-green eyes and a creamy-pink collar with rhinestones
  • Collins - light brown tom with faint, darker flecks, a strikingly pink nose, fluffy, snow-white paws, a pale cream chest, belly, and chin, dark blue eyes, and a dark, midnight blue collar
  • Ryzer - dark, blue-gray tom with spiky fur and dark, almond-shaped amber eyes
  • Angel - longhaired, pure white she-cat with faint, pale cream smudges, light brown along her back, ears, flanks, and tail, a strikingly pink nose, dark blue eyes, and a light blue collar studded with silver rhinestones and a heart-shaped tag
  • Speckle - snow-white she-cat with a light brown tail and ears with darker flecks on them, a few light brown splashes on her pelt, pale, leaf-green eyes, and a dark purple collar with a small bell covered in glitter
  • Flight - small, pale brown she-cat with long, soft fur, faint tabby stripes, a white splash on her face, white toes, and green eyes
  • Shot - gray tom with a scarred face, body, and legs, darker flecks along his back and face, stripes on his legs and tail, and yellow eyes
  • Brooke - blue-gray tabby she-cat with a white belly, paws, and tail-tip, and amber eyes