Evolve Task List (11 items)

Last updated: almost 11 years ago

To Do (11 left)

  • • Update or write up a Curriculum Vitae- CV, ready to take to potential employers.
  • • Draft and type a covering letter to send out alongside your CV.
  • • Research specifically what qualifications and requirements are needed to work in the following areas, abroad, aboard cruise ships, teaching, assessing, etc. What do you need- quals, visas permits?
  • • Register at 5 or more industry specific employment websites.
  • • Research products used within your training salons and complete a report on each one answering 5 key questions.
  • • Research and compile a report for possible new equipment/products to show the benefits of purchase and use in the salons.
  • • For all services/treatments offered within the salon complete an aftercare advice leaflet to offer and speak through with clients.
  • • Make a poster to display around the salons and classrooms of what you feel is expected behaviour for a student.
  • • Make a poster to display this time of what behaviour you should expect from your teacher/tutor.
  • • Know your rights & responsibilities- complete the ERR pack; this will enable you to judge if you are being treated fairly at work.
  • • What is the minimum wage for someone your age with your amount of qualification & experience, working in a salon?