iPad in day-to-day learning & teaching - Checklist (21 items)

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To Do (21 left)

  • • Set-up an Apple ID linked to a credit card or iTunes gift card
  • • Access the App Store on the iPad to browse for Apps
  • • Installed at least 4 Apps on an iPad using my iTunes account login
  • • Set a pass-code for iPad
  • • Personalise my iPad - adjust Brightness & Wallpaper HINT: Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper
  • • Know how to move Apps, organise Apps, delete Apps
  • • Categorise / arrange apps into Folders and Dock
  • • Create Bookmark Apps in Safari
  • • Know how to move back and forth between different Apps on the iPad
  • • Use the iSight camera to take a photo of the page of a book, image, object or useful reference to show in class
  • • Quit out of applications once-a-week
  • • Use a note-taking App to create some typed notes, then email to self
  • • Make a list of Educational Apps that are appropriate for use in my Learning Domain
  • • Investigate the SAMR model / continuum - to consider your PL goals
  • • Access the iBooks Application and install a text into it
  • • Explore the iTunes U App and catalogue to source information and learning material of interest
  • • Use a voice recording App on the iPad (e.g. VoiceRecord Pro®) to record, instructions, a conversation, a poem / story composition or a series of steps in a procedure. Use this recording in a learning / teaching situation.
  • • Use the iPad's AirPlay capabilities to connect to an Airplay enabled device at PLC (Reflector Program on Laptop, Apple TV, or Airplay Speaker)
  • • I understand the difference between a 'Consumption App' and a 'Creation App' on an iPad
  • • I have considered the SAMR continuum in developing 'iPad present' learning experience(s) for my classes
  • • Save a document or product from a 'productivity' App into my Google Drive