In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? (6 items)

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  • Firstly, with our music, our production uses the forms of a horror genre, by having very intense, fast paced music at the start to build tension. this music was inspired by American Horror Story, whereas the music at the end of the opening was more..
  • pizzicato, and was inspired by the music from the exorcist, its not as tense but creates a more eerie atmosphere.
  • Another way in which our opening uses and develops media forms, is using the form used a lot in horrors, isolation. This was used in 28 Weeks Later too, the main inspiration for our opening, however, we developed this, by using a girl in our film....
  • rather than a man, and by choosing to film in an empty shopping mall rather than a city.
  • Finally, a way in which our opening challenges conventions is by having the not having the title of the film opening at the start, we only have the production titles, and save the actual name of the film till the end, which is not usually seen,.
  • This acts as a narrative hook, as the viewer would wonder what the name of the film is, and when it is going to be revealed, which is why we chose to put it at the end. Also, the music is different, to create a different, mysterious atmosphere..