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  • I would have perfect hair, makeup, and outfits every day
  • Billy Joel would be my grandfather
  • I could eat so many Butterfingers that I would never get full or fat
  • My crush would pay more attention to me, ask me to homecoming, and then we'd get married in Washington, DC
  • There would be no one named Maddie or Madison
  • Or Kenzie.
  • I'd have Starbucks delivered to my mansion in Gettysburg daily
  • I would revive Abraham Lincoln somehow so he could actually answer all my questions I have for him!
  • ...And I would hide him in my mansion and nobody would know about him. Especially nobody named John Wilkes Booth.
  • Bugs would vanish from the Earth! With the exception of butterflies and lightning bugs..they're okay.
  • When I close my eyes in my perfect world, my brain can just play Mario Kart for as long as it wants! Without a video game system.
  • Geometry and Biology would not be required classes
  • Boys are forbidden from wearing skinny jeans.
  • Sweat pants are required attire for a formal event!
  • My hair would be naturally curly, or at least even waviness.
  • If my crush doesn't work out, then I'm going after Josh Groban. If that doesn't work out, I will build a time machine to go back to when Lincoln was around my age, and live in the 1800's for awhile, so we can fall in love..
  • ...then come back to the 2010s, of course.
  • I would skip straight onto the 2060s actually, because the 1860s and the 1960s both seemed to kick ass, so why not see what another hundred years would do?
  • No one can make you use your brain productively until noon. Then you can't use it productively after 6pm. No exceptions.
  • Grandpa Billy Joel can write We Didn't Start the Fire Part 2 and go through everything major that has happened since the last one!!