MDW Rules list (10 items)

Last updated: about 11 years ago

To Do (10 left)

  • ALCOHOL: If You leave it here, It's ours.
  • SODA RULE: 7-Up gets Guaranteed Admission. 6's Subject to the door. 5's Wait outside.
  • SNEEZING/COUGHING: Will grant you immediate access to fresh air.*
  • COCKBLOCKING: Will grant you immediate access to fresh air as well.*
  • CRYING: What do you Know? That Also Gives you fresh air on the house. *
  • DRAMA: If you guessed fresh air, Go on and give yourself a pat on the back.*
  • SLEEPOVERS: Working On A Bartering System. Guys Must Be Willing to Donate Booze & Biddies. Girls Must Donate Boobies I Mean Booty I Mean Bodies I Mean Biddies. Damn That Autocorrect.
  • DO: Leave Your Pride at the door. Be Outgoing. Have Fun. Drink Like A Sailor. Curse Like a Sailor. NOT Look like A Sailor.
  • DON'T: Ask if you can drink some of my alcohol (The Answer is Yes). Ask if I mind if one of your guy friends come(The Answer is Yes). "Check In" with me on any social network. Puke anywhere except the toilet. Be on Your Phone the entire time you're here
  • *Fresh Air = No Re-entry