Mets Drinking Game June 5, 2013 (24 items)

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To Do (24 left)

  • Let's try this again: Gee is pitching. Oh. Em. Gee. And so is Haren. Do a Haren dance.
  • Take a shot=literally take a shot; take a drink=take a sip of your beer or cocktail; chug=obviously chug until the moment is over
  • Rules related to GKR and Kevin B:
  • 1) take a drink every time Keith: says fundies, sighs/groans loudly, makes sex noises over a good play, talks about his past with the Mets,
  • 2) take a drink every time Gary: says he struck him out, screams it's outta here, makes fun of Keith (FOR THE DARING) *If you have Cholula hot sauce, take a shot of hot sauce whenever Cholula hot sauce is mentioned*
  • 3) take a drink every time Ron: tells a story about the Mets in 86, bitches about pitch counts, gets mad at the Mets for playing badly
  • 4) Can't forget Kevin: drink every time Kev: says back to you gare, when he is standing in an odd location and we can't see him at first
  • Also for Kevin: take a shot if he interviews one of the players in a dark hallway during the game; chug your drink if they make him wear something stupid like the scientist coat
  • Rules for individual players:
  • Ike Davis: drink when Ike strikes out, makes a bad play at first base; chug your drink if he gets a home run with people on base (if no one is on base just take a drink and chant we like ike)
  • Daniel Murphy: drink when Murph makes a "mental error" on the bases (brownc19), whenever GKR discuss how Murph has progressed at 2b (Kevin O suggests 2 gulps), take a shot if his facial hair looks different
  • David Wright: chug when he wipes his nose with his jersey; drink when D smiles like a fucking manchild (FrostyFreeds), takes the first pitch for a strike (DBM132), swings at a slider low/outside (Mets_Bro)
  • Whoever is playing shortstop: If it's Turner, drink every time he trolls; for Quintinilla, drink every time someone makes an awful quesadilla joke and when metstwitter compares him to Jose Reyes; EAT A QUESADILLA EVERY TIME QUINTINILLA GETS A HOME RUN
  • Lucas Duda: drink when Luke does anything typical baseball: Crotch grab, spits, slaps another player’s ass. (MitchNYM), when he chews like a cow; take a shot if he gets a homerun with people on base; chug your drink if he misses an easy out
  • Byrd: chug when Byrd gets a solo homerun and flies around the bases smiling; take a drink when he gets a hit or makes a good play and people say Byrd is the word
  • Ankiel: drink when Ankiel strikes out, when he misjudges a ball and allows it to go over his head or drop in front of him; take 1/2 chug of your drink if his skin tone is more orange than it was the previous game
  • Lagares: drink if someone on twitter makes a bad Juan joke; if he makes a good defensive play; if he gets on base; if they mention he is from the Dominican Republic
  • Jordany Valdespin: chug when Jordany does his own umpiring and calls himself safe; take a big old chug every time @teamthirsttrap mentions JV1 regardless of if he is playing or not; if JV is playing, drink when he points at his home run and when he gets h
  • John Buck: take a drink when Buck does worse than he did at the beginning of the year (aka when he doesn't get a home run), when he hits a "buck shot" according to Gary,
  • Recker: drink for Recker puns; someone on twitter comments on how hot he is; if they mention his lack of playing time;
  • Gee: drink if Gee's facial hair has grown back in and/or if someone on twitter mentions his facial hair; do a stupid dance if Gee makes it past the 6th inning; tweet GEE WHILIKERS AND TAKE A SHOT IF HE MAKES IT PAST THE 7TH
  • Other silly rules: make a bet on who wins the President race. If your president wins, you have bragging rights; if they lose you must shout Abraham Lincoln and drink; if they show Harper run into the wall, you must run into a wall and post results;
  • Chug-a-lug if they mention that D. Wright is behind Sandoval in the ASG voting poll; drink if @TooGooden16 or @dailystache says "Vote Markakis"
  • Good luck! If there are too many I apologize. Apparently this team makes us drink