Summer to do list (20 items)

Last updated: over 10 years ago

To Do (20 left)

  • Go swimming in the lake
  • Go to Schilitterbahn
  • Go to six flags
  • Make a chocolate stand
  • Have 3 sleepovers in 1 week
  • Don't go to sea world
  • Watch ONLY Disney channel for 1 week
  • Go to a park
  • Watch movies at home from red box
  • Sell something
  • Hurt your self
  • Go to a beach
  • Build a cool sand castle
  • Have a fashion show and change clothes for real
  • Have a summer party
  • Say "callabunga" at the beach as loud as you can
  • Have a pool party
  • Go on vacation out of state
  • Make the longest colorful chain
  • Have fun