KlasylCraft Goals List (25 items)

Last updated: almost 11 years ago

To Do (25 left)

  • Build a proper spawn area
  • Find diamonds
  • Build a working community in which every player owns their own house
  • Build a tribute to previous servers: RismackCraft, MorphCraft, TaintedCraft, EonCraft, MorphCraftRPG
  • Find the stronghold
  • Enter the Nether
  • Enter the End
  • Kill the Enderdragon
  • Access the Twilight Forest
  • Kill the Hydra
  • Kill the Naga
  • Kill the Lich King
  • Use solar power
  • Obtain Nether warts
  • Build a fully automatic farm
  • Obtain enough items so that each player owns: A full set of enchanted diamond armor/weapons and a full set of enchanted diamond tools.
  • Craft a nano suit
  • Build a working computer system
  • Tame a wolf
  • Tame an ocelot
  • Find a jungle biome
  • Find a forest biome
  • Find a taiga biome
  • Find a desert biome
  • Find a grasslands biome