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  • Turn on computer, projectors, and TV
  • Proclaim -- enter songs, make changes where necessary, listen to what's going on in practice, order of songs, etc.
  • Choosing background, -themes, consistency, simplicity, -should enhance worship and not distract from it.
  • Double check words, spelling, etc.
  • Get lights set, dim main lights for worship and before church
  • Get any scriptures or slides from pastors
  • Check for announcement slides
  • Check for slides for prayers of the people
  • Be in church at 5 min to start of service
  • Slides--anticipate and pay close attention to the worship leader
  • Start 5 min countdown
  • Sermon -be sure to start recording on Logic Pro and/or USB soundboard
  • Stop recording and bounce the sermon file as mp3 (check with Wade if you haven’t done this before)
  • Upload sermon to website (check with Wade if you haven’t done this before)
  • Turn off projectors, TV, and the computer