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  • Get rid of unnecessary things: You need clothing, furniture, and anything else that you actually make great use of on a regular basis.
  • Begin with your closet. Many people allow clothing to pile up in their closets and it can get increasingly worse when nothing is done about it. One person should be able to live off of at least ten outfits total. Choose this many and get rid of the clothi
  • Think about survival. When you are going room to room and checking out your belongings, just ask yourself if you could live without the item. If you say yes, then you can get rid of it. Don't allow yourself to get too literal: keep comfort and the essenti
  • Check floors. The more of a floor you can see, the better. There should be no clutter on your floors. If there is, get rid of it. You should not store anything on the floors of your home. You need to remove your belongings from the floors and find a place
  • Consider the walls. Minimalists do not have many things hanging on their walls. Take a look around each room's walls to see what you have hanging on the walls. Why do you have these items hanging up? You only need a couple of pieces of artwork if you real
  • Make use of cabinets and drawers. We often allow things we don't need to take up space in our cabinets and drawers.Get rid of everything you don't need and add things to your cabinets and drawers to keep items out of sight. You should have bookshelves or
  • Know there is a place for everything. Everything needs to have its own place to be all of the time. If you aren't sure where something goes, give it a home. Make sure it returns to this spot when cleaning.