Alison and Nadeem's wishlist (21 items)

Last updated: about 10 years ago

To Do (21 left)

  • bed sheets, queen size, white
  • bed sheets, double (any colour)
  • pillow cases (white or solid colours)
  • pillow cases, any colour or pattern
  • pillows
  • duvet cover, double bed size
  • thermarest mattress (for camping)
  • hand blender
  • dish towels
  • oven mitts
  • handmade items or artwork
  • shower curtain (fabric)
  • glass containers with lids (pyrex or similar), various sizes
  • Home Hardware gift certificates
  • Garden: planter boxes for the deck
  • floor lamp for living room
  • glass measuring cup (4 cup/1 liter with spout for liquids)
  • bees wax candles
  • ceiling fan, with light fixture for dinning room
  • ceiling fan, with light fixture for bedrooom
  • set of tea spoons