Dance Moves tryout (15 items)

Last updated: almost 11 years ago

To Do (15 left)

  • Do A Texas Tommy with an additional spin
  • Mimic Kevin St. Laurent's side to side stroll (Charleston)
  • Swing out with left to right and then grab with right hand with her behind you and pull her back in front of you back to your left hand
  • Do a no-right-hand with her arm going around your back or neck
  • Try a swing out but do "and six and seven and eight" after count 5
  • Does a delayed outside turn work if you travel along her path/direction?
  • Try double spins in East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop
  • Double spin in East Coast as an 8 count
  • Kick out or Kick ball change rather than rock step in swing out
  • Ask to be taught about that "Slingshot" swing out (Reference to Pontus's showcase?)
  • Find moves that work with the forward rock tep in east coast
  • Practice the right to right into swingout
  • Variations of Franky Manning Pointing (Point, rock paper scissors, hand flip, etc)
  • Take note that stomp offs will be "Left right" to you as a lead
  • Side by side Charleston but lead Charelston in front of the follow and you'll end up walking backwards > Bring her into a dip